Website Trends for 2017

The question on everyone’s mind; how will my brand stand out this year?

Design trends move as fast as technology and it’s all to benefit user experience. It could be time to re-think your site design if you have a high bounce rate or if it’s feeling a little outdated.

A well-thought out re-design can increase visits, see better conversion rates and stand out as a more memorable brand.

Mobile first

Gone are the days where a site is adapted from full-screen to Mobile. Mobile web use has officially overtaken desktop web visits, so sites must be built with mobile in mind first.
Google officially favours mobile-friendly websites so you’ll be more likely to see visitors.

Mobile website Parrallax Mold Agency

Content takes priority

It’s time to focus on the main message, with content taking priority over the other ‘noise’ on your website.

Big, Bold type

To bring attention to the content the bigger & bolder the font, the better.

Vice Website Mold Agency


Experimental layouts / breaking the grid

With better CSS tools coming for designers, we’ll see more and more experimental layouts totally ‘breaking the grid’.

Website layout Mold Agency


Long scroll trumps nav

With navigation menus on the way out to make way for simplified design and big content, long scroll becomes an even more mainstream choice.

With the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram offering feeds that never seem to end, users have become accustomed to scrolling for days.

Parrallax Mold Agency


Parallax & Experience

Just because we’re going for long scroll, doesn’t mean it has to be boring now does it?

The user experience is such an important part of great design so Parallax scroll can add creative and interesting flare to your site.

Parrallax Mold Agency


Bright, bold colour & gradients

2016 saw some major companies opt for gradients in a big way and it’s no wonder; with less clutter and bigger text using bold colour and gradients helps to add another dimension to design.

Mold Agency


Flat is OUT

After a while, everything starts to look ‘samey’ so we’re moving away from Flat design (finally!).

Flat Design Parrallax Mold Agency


Animation, GIFs & Cinemagraphs

More animation, more life is in the pipeline; with many using Cinemagraphs & GIFs to draw the eye and grab attention.

A subtly animated Call To Action can do wonders in converting your site visitors to customers!

Cinemagraph Mold Agency


Hand drawn

Hand drawn illustrations are in, they’ve been hovering around for a couple of years now with the likes of Dropbox being early adopters but we’re seeing more personal, homely touches being incorporated into site design.

Handdrawn Elements Mold Agency


The key objective for your website is to convert visitors into customers so by using your site more like a landing page with a single, bold message and less navigation options you can increase the likelihood of conversions.