Web & Digital

Molds unique approach to development drives the shaping process of your websites.

We build mobile responsive, ecommerce and a range of other digital solutions.

Coding languages of both front and back end drive the implementation of building a new website. Mold combines this process with a “design on the fly” solution that helps reduce production time and most importantly the cost of your project. This is a very strict process that allows users to see what the coding process looks like as it advances forward in live time. It also allows for any last minute tweaks to be made simultaneously alongside the design and development process if needed. Mold offers this option to all of those that like to be more hands-on with projects.

We ensure that all scoping and research leading up to this stage is documented and work is completed to the highest standard.

Web Design & Development

Attract new customers, retain existing customers, build your brand and increase sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way of targeting certain groups of people directly to their email inbox.

Online Advertising

Increase your consumer base and build long-lasting relationships with your consumers.

Content Management Systems

Facilitate collaboration, plan ahead and manage creative workflows.


Build brand awareness, increase sales, grow your market.

Website Strategy

Increase brand awareness, attract new customers, build brand loyalty.

Bespoke Development

Engage customers, share ideas, inspire action.

Email Newsletters

Improve awareness, promote your brand, and engage with customers.

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