Creative Design

There are boundaries, we know them, we work with them, we produce greatness. They are the walls that surround our developments. They influence and determine the end result. A square wouldn’t be a square without its four walls, with them it is bold and given a name that is recognised to all that knows of it. Mold holds various levels of experience and abilities that specialise in all areas of visual disciplines, ready to push these boundaries to achieve an objective.

Our styles are wide spread, and consist of design styles and approaches that suit all criteria. Cutting edge, strong, with a distinctive nature. This is simple for us. Whether its to communicate a sales message, push a perception of your company or even alter a current brands position. Mold form creative, print, and digital design.

UX Design

Improve user experience, engage customers, increase brand loyalty.

Point of Sale Material

Create desire and inspire action.

App Design

Increase brand awareness, create a direct marketing channel, engage with customers and build long lasting relationships.

Direct Marketing

Increase brand awareness, grow your market, and inspire action.

Brochures & Catalogues

Improve brand awareness, promote your latest offerings and build your brand identity.

Logo Generation

Build your brand identity, promote your brand and increase brand recall.


Increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty, create brand associations.


Increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

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