A better way of working together


Mold Agency Peterborough

A fully integrated Agency Providing Design, Branding, Marketing, Digital, Print Solutions, Web Design and mobile responsive, WordPress and Development In Peterborough and Cambridge.

It’s simple…we come together and outline our expertise to reveal how we can make your project work. You’ll see the benefit of understanding the ins and outs of what we can do for you, ready for when it comes to executing your project further down the line. With this we can collate everything we need to form a solid brief. The better the understanding at this stage ensures the outcome can be extraordinary.

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We’re that little bit different

What We Do

  • Agile workflow

    Every hour sees new opportunities for your business to grow. We pivot as needed to support your objectives.

  • A +1 to your team

    Sharing is caring...our resources ensure our team learns your business and industry so we can grow together.

  • Strategic thinking

    We spend time measuring you above the competitions methods.

  • We get excited

    Digital products, Branding material, Identity generation… we love it all.

  • Push boundaries

    Our team is always on the hunt for techniques that seat you above the competition.

What We Don't

  • Work in another world

    We value close collaboration. We welcome on-site for an tight workshop or just to have a bite to eat.

  • Move goalposts

    You have every right to change your mind as often as you like.

  • Misjudge projects

    There are no rigorous statements or misleading project plans. We just get to work.

  • Do Drama

    We focus our attention on the things that matter most - your work!

  • Fall off task

    We plan to prove our value to you as often as we can.

Objective-Based Design
We solve problems with creative.

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  • Spot

    Identify & recognise the potential
    of your next move.
  • Define

    Map out the various routes
    of which your project is headed.
  • Probe

    Explore the depth & direciton
    of the project.
  • Mold

    Grow, Form & Test
    your concepts.


We begin at discovery. At this stage we ask and we listen. The very best of our teams thinkers come together and encourage every detail out of whatever the task may be. Exploration invites all of those 'Out of the box', and 'Out of the ordinary' ideas to come and play.

Whats Chirpin

We're all ears

Our world revolves around your plans, your ideas and your future. We know that hearing your thoughts is the foundation for any project. From the start of a business challenge or to simply grow with you as a customer, listening is the beginning. You are unique, your story is precious to us.

Begin your project the smart way and it shall pay you dividends some time along the way. This means grouping together our finest specialists and allowing them to pay close attention to the details involved within any route which could be taken. This stage outlines all of those concerning "What ifs?" and "Can we's?' to ensure all requirements are defined indefinitely before the build.


At Mold we work with creatives, technology, media, ideation and any many more ingredients that makes us strive. We can tackle all sorts of graphical mediums.

We love function and purpose as much as beauty and creativity. We play with these to help us make great ideas that look beyond ordinary.


We aim to make you look as good as possible. In doing so we have learned that the best way to do this is being transparent, bold and as creative as possible. We are a team of forward thinking gurus that love creating brilliance. This stage of the process is met when everyone is clear about the steps involved for the project.