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Digital marketing…beautiful, frustrating, ruthless and something that is ever evolving. That is unless you have your fingers pressed firmly against the pulse it can be extremely difficult to stay ahead of the game.

What’s more, how are apps and mobile device’s changing the way we perceive modern websites? All combined, we have the recipe for a head pounding migraine. Let’s look at some of the core facts…

Google’s popular rule over the web has challenged web users and their approach to holding the best, or greatest performing site. Last April Google altered its core algorithm to boost all of those websites that appear mobile responsive. Part of this change involved using information from cached or indexed apps as a ranking factor. The results show that in the last nine months since the change, content that appears upon Google’s search results have become increasingly prominent on mobile phones and tablets. It is considered that this is down to apps and mobile responsive sites being more accessible and convenient to users.

However, with this in mind don’t worry about Desktop versions disappearing off of the face of the earth within search results. We can still expect the majority of most workforces to continue using them, so desktop traffic shall still stay in the game. That being said, Google are not going to stop putting an increasing focus and importance on the role that mobile technology plays within search results.

When it comes to design and user journey at Mold, factors such as this strike a high level of importance. Our Team explore areas alone in some instances so that they may come together and present ideas that can change our approach to mobile web design. Come talk to us and discuss any concerns you might have with your website and its performance on Mobile technologies. Or even challenge us in outlining any defects with your website.

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