A day in the life of a Web Developer @Mold

Whether you’re a Web Dev Wannabe looking for career advice or a company shopping for a new website; you’ll find it handy to hear from our Web Developer Nathan!

When did you become interested in building websites?

I started playing around with websites sat in my bedroom at my parent’s house when I was about 14 years old, everything was much simpler then..  not just websites!

What was it that attracted you to Web Development?

I’m not really sure, at first, it was just something to do in my spare time. As I progressed and learned more I began to enjoy it a lot more. I get a buzz out of creating something beautiful and functional.

Would you consider yourself a Developer or a Designer?

I would consider myself to be somewhere in the middle but I prefer development!

How you normally start your work day?

This normally starts with a cup of tea and checking emails! Anything urgent will get pounced on immediately.

What kind of task takes the most time?

I would say bespoke web applications and e-commerce takes up the most time.

What is your favourite kind of task?

Bespoke development – I get to create something unique that fulfils the client’s needs. These types of tasks are usually very challenging but rewarding.

Which website are you most proud of building?

Tough one! I’ve built hundreds of sites over the last 10 years but I have narrowed it down one I finished recently; Girlinmind.

Any tips for staying relevant in a fast-developing website world?

Subscribe to web development/design related blogs, collaborate, explore, experiment and always have fun!

I suggest Web Designer Depot, Smashing Magazine or The Next Web.

Why should someone build a site with a Web Dev (like you) and not a drag/drop website builder?

Website builders just don’t offer the same level of satisfaction for the end-user or client and can be a nightmare when wanting to add custom or bespoke functionality.
We build websites that are right from the start which can be “easily” built upon and tailored specifically to the client’s needs and expectations.