Why choosing the right font is crucial

The variety of fonts to choose from can sometimes be overwhelming, and many don’t understand the true importance of the right font. Let us explain a little about the world of typography and why choosing the right font is so important:

What is typography?




  •     the style and appearance of printed matter.
  •     the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

Yes, you that read right, typography is a form of art.

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In today’s digital world more than ever, people are aware of typography, layout, design, and the way the world surrounding them looks. Typography provides that at-first-glance impression and influences the way the reader or viewer perceives the rest of the design. Your choice of font needs to be accurate and appropriate, to convey the right kind of message.

So, why is choosing the right font so important?


1. Projecting your message

For starters, the font you choose should help communicate the type of message you want to project to your viewers. The words and font used should complement each other, in order to portray a harmonious message.

Fonts that don’t look ‘right’ together can confuse the reader. For example – let’s say you’ve created a graphic for a new job position available. Is your font saying “holiday time”, when it should actually be saying “job interview”? If so, it may be time for a do-over.

Font choices set the tone for your whole design and can influence viewers’ feelings about the concept behind the design. Try using appropriate and purposeful fonts in order to communicate your message in the clearest way possible. Bad font choices may give the viewer an excuse to make incorrect assumptions about your brand or message.

2. Reflecting personality.

Let’s be honest, when choosing how to represent your brand, the font is essential.  Design is a representation of your work style, allowing room for the viewer to connect to your story and build a personal relationship with your brand.

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Choosing the right typography helps target an audience;  whether you are attempting to attract the eye of a fashion blogger, or that of an experienced banker.

3. Establishing the brand identity.

Possibly the most important use of typography is in establishing your brand’s identity. When creating a logo for your website, or a graphic for your Social Media platforms, stick to a font style that not only suits your branding concept but one that you will be happy to reuse in all future branding. If you choose a different font every time, the previous font will no longer be associated with your brand and the brand image will not stick as easily in the viewer’s mind. Take your time in determining which font will stand the test of time and become an effective branding tool.

4. Functionality

Aside from all the pretty stuff, your business font needs to be functional; is it difficult to read? The font should be clear and concise at all times and any playful type needs to be easily read.

So, whether you choose Gotham, Helvetic or Serif, try implementing the suggested tips above in order to effectively execute the goals of your next design.

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