10 amazing fonts for businesses

In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of choosing the right font for business branding. Keeping that in mind, let us introduce 10 amazing fonts we’ve been loving for businesses.

Without further delay, presenting:

1.  Roadway Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

For all tech-related brands out there – Roadway is an obvious choice. This Sans-Serif font (meaning the letters don’t have little decorative ‘feet’), is modern and clear.
Roadway is a simple typeface with a techy feel and can be used in a variety of ways from distinct titles to body text.

2. Primer Print Bold Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

For a laid-back graphic or web page, try Primer.
This stand-out font has a ‘younger’ feel to it, without losing the easy-to-read factor. The letters are nicely spread out, useful for conveying a short but sweet message.

3. Nixie One Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Nixie One is part of the Serif font family (check out the little ‘feet’ on the letters), identified as “old-school” typography.
This font is especially good for print, as it is considered easier to identify and read in long texts. Nixie One, is the one (get it?) to use in the body text of your webpage.

4.Norwester Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Norwester is an attention grabbing, geometric font. Best used for headings.
Think; structured and bold. We recommend combining Norwester with Roboto Condensed in the body text.

5.   Roboto Condensed Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Roboto Condensed is a sans serif typeface with a reading rhythm that is more like that of serifs, therefore a great choice for body copy as well as headings.

6. Chewed Pen BB Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Ah, Chewed Pen BB. This italic font is perfect to use in the heading of a cool graphic. Clear bright graphics with few words are what come to mind when looking at this modern-with-a-twist font.

7. Monsieur Pomme Amazing Fonts Mold Agency
If you want to add a personal touch, use a handwritten font such as Monsieur Pomme. Try minimize it to headers and sub headers only. Think; cursive, feminine and stylish.

8.Cooper Hewitt Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Don’t be afraid to use a thin typeface as a heading. Cooper Hewitt Thin is one of the best ways to take advantage of a very fine type weight – the letters are well structured and easy to read. Cooper Hewitt Thin makes for a refreshing headline.

9.  Quicksand Amazing Fonts Mold Agency

Quicksand has a similar feel to Cooper Hewitt Thin, but with a little extra zest. Slightly quirky, this typeface is favored for web design (not so much as a print typeface). The combination of clear-cut  and eye-catching makes for a great aesthetic.

10.Libre Caslon Amazing Fonts Mold Agency
This typeface has a classic and polished look.
Libre Caslon is easy to read and looks best used as printed body text. 


We’ve been inspired by the font selection over at http://www.1001fonts.com/
1001 fonts offer over a thousand (duh) downloadable typefaces to choose from, check them out!